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Our Story


Bridalvenus-----Discover a Different Self

The founder Leo has been deeply involved in women's accessories for 10 years. With rich experience in accessories, he has studied in Europe, the USA and other countries for 3 years, just to understand the preferences of women in different countries for accessories.

In lively parties, sunny beaches, romantic weddings, and daily streets, he took a unique male perspective and took inspiration from women in these local scenes to design accessories that are loved by European and American women, and then he returned to China to establish the brand------Bridalvenus.
Leo knows that every woman has a variety of styles. The meaning of Bridalvenus is to help women explore their different selves. When they change various styles, they can get the exquisite accessories needed by various styles at preferential price. This is also the original intention of Leo when he founded Bridalvenus------Let women know that changing their style is just a simple matter in Bridalvenus. 



Our Brand


Bridalvenus is an independent fashion accessory brand founded in 2013For more than 8 years,we have been committed to the development of women's wedding accessories and fashion jewelry. From necklaces to body chains, from bracelets to anklets, from veils to dance skirts, our jewelry styles are diverse but not conflicting. We always believe that every woman can be both an elegant fashion girl or a sexy nightclub elf.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all women explore their different selves. Let them switch their styles freely with the help of Bridalvenus accessories and exude a different charm. For women, jewelry is not only a decoration, but also a search for the essence of life.

Our Unique Craftsmanship

All Bridalvenus jewelry is handmade by Ingenious women. With good wishes for women, they have created a variety of different styles but unique attractive products with delicate and exquisite craftsmanship, from beading to inlay, from weaving to sewing.